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A road, a sequence of curves and straights to thread. Nothing could be better than doing it on a motorcycle, leaning, braking, accelerating. All these actions can be carried out with greater confidence thanks to the enormous progress made in the field of safety, a topic that is always at the core of everything Ducati does.

Safety Roadmap

Launched in 2008, Safety Roadmap made it possible to achieve, year by year, important milestones for the active and passive motorcyclists' safety. Discover all the milestones

ABS Cornering: the new turning point in motorcycling

ABS Cornering radically changes the approach to braking in curves. It is now possible to achieve decelerations while leaning that are unthinkable for an average user, reducing braking distances and loss of grip at the front and rear.

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Find out more

Apparel: toward a safer style


Eye tracking: focus on safety

"Focus on safety" is the new project that Ducati has decided to support in order to add a new element to research aimed at improving riding conditions. Find out more

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