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Fisica in moto

Fisica in Moto (Physics in Motion) is the place to discover the reality and the beauty of the physical principles that guide engineers and technicians in the realization of a Ducati.

The aim of Fisica in Moto is to overcome and improve the experience of science and technology museums, allowing students and curious to be actors and not spectators of scientific discovery. In fact, inside the laboratory it is possible to touch, thanks to some specially designed and realized interactive machines, the reality of physical principles and the link between these and the design of a Ducati.

Summer School

Since 2011, the Laboratory has organized a Summer School of physics applied to motorcycles and reserved for 25 deserving students of second grade secondary schools.

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Discover more

?The Fisica in Moto laboratory is structured in three rooms: a special Ducati workshop, an innovative scientific laboratory and the Ducati Corse hall.?

Fondazione Ducati

Fondazione Ducati operates on several fronts to ensure that the brand’s values are in line with the needs of the local territory. Discover all activities